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                                       Amos (Currawong) Meze Empyrean review with Silvergarde S3 (complex layered and sleeved version)



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October 2018 - Nick - Canada 

"Just got back from Vancouver a couple days ago. I'm really impressed by it. Incredibly revealing and excellent speed, perfect for my use in the studio.
 A funny tidbit you should know, the Silvergarde unexpectedly fixed a long standing issue with a plugin called Sonarworks. If you don't know Sonarworks is plugin that basically corrects the frequency response of your headphones so it's a perfectly flat ( very useful for mixing ) . I had actually sent my headphones in all the way over to their office in Latvia to have my headphones individually calibrated.  When I got my headphones back, I did not like the sound at all. Big increase in the bass, at the cost of sounds not being able resolve in time, and reduction of resolution, it just felt off. Right up until now I had the plugin deactivated because it was unusable.
The combination of the Silvergarde and Sonarworks sound unreal. It's taken my monitoring system to the next level and I don't mean that lightly. I suspect its the Silver, that focused that bass, delivered that speed and kept the resolution intact. When switching back to my Copper cables it doesn't mesh well with the plugin. It was a pleasant suprise, I wasn't  expecting that."

cable ordered:  Silvergarde S3 - 4-wire

Feedback from David Yoo, NY, USA

"Since receiving your cable, I did numerous A-B comparisons between Audeze stock cable and Skuld.
After more than a week of listening, I can conclude that your cable is far superior in every direction.
To highlight some of my findings:
Bass felt little forgotten in stock cable - sounds "like" tight, but sounds "like" tight by shortening the impact of bass (as if a singer was cut off by commercial all of the sudden - I am little exaggerating)
As contrary, your cable allowed the entire duration of full bass sound, and then I could agree with fellow LCD2 owners saying, LCD produces the frequencies lower than some sub-woofer. You did it by not over feeding or steroid pumping the bass, but letting the sound be itself. It took me little while to come to this conclusion as I was somewhat tamed by the stock cable, but after realizing it, my mind was blown away....
After solidifying my thoughts, and doing concentrated listening, the stock felt like Italian Wedding soup that had been in the refrigerator for a while where its grease is solidified, yet yours is the soup served at the right temperature where oily sounds oily, and warmth is served warm.
More natural. It is like feeling the differences of two artists where one is performing it because he/she loves to, and the other had a gun on its head unless playing. Compared to yours, the stock made me think that the violinist's stokes were burdened by small dumbbell tied to their elbow - in yours, they played freely.
I had a chance to meet with my family friend again, and this time, he tried your cable on it. Him being far more experienced than I can ever imagine, he noticed the difference right away from the stock cable, and now he is interested in getting LCD of his own, and probably your cable if he does so.
I would like to say thank you, and close the email by referring you to the attached image.
Once I read an article on some magazine. In it, CEO of LAMY, German pen maker, says
"For Italians beauty is right, while for us Germans what's right is beautiful"
Your cable nailed both beauty and right, and I hope you continue the successful journey....."

Feedback from Jeffrey Milarsky, NY, USA

"....The cables came today and I am blown away.  Not just the care a detail of the craftsmanship, but of the sound.  The 8 conductor is a clear winner for me, not that the 4 conductor is not good at all.  The 8 has a warmth and balance of sound that is unmistakeable.  It is more balanced from deep bass through mids and up to highs.  The sound is open, rich, clean and balanced.  What more can I say."

Feedback from Harris Osckar, Indonesia

"....I already got the cable with me. I tested it last night and it produces great sound, definitely a huge improvement from the stock cable. It has more depth in bass, crisper high, astonishing mid and wider sound stage for sure. .... It has 20% better sound among all the aspect (high, mid and low sound). It has thicker vocal, deeper and longer bass and better mid too. All and all, I'm just a happy customer with the new kind of sound from my LCD3."

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