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Premium Splitter and Sleeve options

“Unrivaled” Custom Sleeving

Through the years as you design and create headphone cables you must locate and source the absolute highest quality components for every aspect of the cable (without compromise).  Textile sleeving is especially important for the tactile feel and aesthetic of your headphone cable.  Things such as flexibility, durability, feel and micro-phonics can all be impacted with your textile sleeving.  Our goal was to seek a truly “unrivaled” custom produced textile sleeve that hits all of the best aspects just right.  

Fortunately, early in our history we put in a serious amount of sampling of countless textile factories for our sleeving.  This led to the discovery of a 60+ year old company in the USA known for their extremely high quality textiles (used in High Fashion and other demanding industries).


Nope it is not Paracord

Most DIY and new cable makers may find it difficult to find the highest quality sleeving and resort
to very common “Paracord” or other similar options.  We do not use paracord for any of our sleeves, it is fully custom made to our specifications without any “cores” and without the other negative aspects that come with those types.  

A Plethora of color and pattern combinations

As we have been offering our sleeving for many years ,we have a large variety of options in stock.
On this page are various sample combinations, however you can combine any two that you like.  If you do not see one that fits what you are after, you may also look at the individual single sleeve lists and do your precise combination.  You may even select three different sleeves for one cable if desired (send us an email on this one).    

Special order and Custom requests

If you do not see the sleeve you want in any  of our lists, send us an email.  Just for a quick example, orange+dark grey herringbone is not in our list.  Simply send us an email with your request and we will let you know if it is possible (odds are we can do it).  Please note that any sleeve that is a true special order carries an added fee to a build (and time).  Contact us at "norneaudiocables at gmail dot com" to request something even more custom.

pattern options:  herring bone, multi tracer, dual color multi tracer, single tracer and stripe
color options:  you name it, odds are we can do it. 


Shown above:  Black (x2) + Black with blue metallic tracers (x2), Copper triangle with raised black metal inlay, Furutech 4-pin mini-xlr female rhodium, Eidolic 4-pin XLR (black, black carbon)



NOTE:  A red base color metal splitter is also available with most of the above inlay options.  Please just enter the color you want + the type of inlay. 

For example in the notes you would put "Red metal splitter + silver raised red logo fill inlay".  






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