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* Audeze EL-8 - Solv X Series headphone cable
The Solv X terminated for the Audeze EL-8 headphone with custom 3D printed black housing for strain ..
Draug v2 - 8x24awg (24-wire / multi-core, equiv. 4x21awg)  Litz OCC Cu Tri Multi-Conductor headphone cable
New metal (aluminum) splitters are now in stock.  Note however that Black electroplated (black ..
Based on 8 reviews.
Solv X Series  - Silver OCC Litz / Cu OCC Litz - Multi-Core (11-core, Industry First), 22awg per channel, semi-conductive infused polymer center core, dual-level tube ultra dampened, Type 6X
  Introducing the Solv Series X configuration headphone cable Truly an end-game cabl..
Based on 7 reviews.
Vanquish Series Headphone Cable - OCC Litz, cu and spc, 7 textile cores per conductor (first ever multi-core produced in industry)
na{ font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px text-align: center; line-heigh..
Based on 5 reviews.
* (DIY)  - 22awg - Highest Purity - OCC SPC (Silver plated Copper) - Clear Dielectric - with 100% pure cotton center cores
Back in stock This wire is NOT litz, so anyone can use a normal soldering iron working with this ..
**new** - Norne Hypershort Adapter - Convert Audeze Headphone Cable - To - Focal Elear & Beyerdynamic T1/T5P Gen 2
Now available.  The most uncomrpomising way to convert your Audeze headphone cables for use wit..
*new*  Draug v3 - 4x20awg - copper occ litz - 24-wire Tri multi-conductor - ultimate copper upgrade cable
Overview Introducing the ultimate evolution to the Draug Series occ copper litz headphone cable, ..
*NEW* (DIY)  - 23awg - Highest Purity - OCC SPC Litz (Silver plated Copper) - with 100% pure cotton center cores
This wire is Litz occ, and each individual strand is coated with a razor thin enamel.  In order..
*New* Silvergarde S - CIEM replacement cable - clear edition- 4 x 21awg - pure silver occ litz (cotton core)
Introducing the Silvergarde S (clear) CIEM / IEM replacement cable.  Brandishing a very lar..
Based on 1 reviews.
*new* Solvine Series - 4 x 18.5 awg - 16-wire - Silver occ litz / Copper occ litz - fusion / hybrid - tri-conductor & multi-core geometry - headphone cable
Note:  As an added bonus for Black Friday the new Solvine series has free premium metal splitte..
*Therium Series Pure Silver OCC Litz  (cotton core, industry first stranding, 4 / 8-wire)  reference CIEM / IEM replacement cable
  NOTE:  For all 2-pin selected cables, new model Eidolic 2-pin PEEK TeCu with locking ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Arcane Series Adapter - 4x21awg, (2 x 21awg - pure silver occ litz & 2 x 21 awg cu occ litz) with perfect strand mixing and 3 x semi-conductive infused cores per 21awg tri-conductor)
Adapters for a perfect match with our Arcane Series headphone cable.     Arcane Seri..
Balanced TRRS 4-pole Connector with long Collar for use with Oppo PM-3 (and Hifiman)
Sold per single unit, this is the perfect connector for use with the Oppo PM-3 headphones and recess..
Custom gold plated USB plugs for DIY (pair of  type A / type B)
  Price is for a set of 1 x USB-A and 1 x USB-B Introductory discount for a limited time...
Order #4147 Draug v2 - 8x24awg (24-wire / multi-core, equiv. 4x21awg) Litz OCC Cu Tri Multi-C..
Draug 2 - 8x24awg (equivalent to 4 x 21awg, highest purity copper occ litz) - Norne Tri-conductor geometry - 24-wire, 24-core
Note:  If you do not want a splitter you can simply leave the option unselected or you can sele..
Draug 2C - 4x20awg copper occ litz - Tri-multiconductor - cotton core - 2016 model
Black Friday Bonus:  All Premium Metal splitters are free to add from 11/23-11/30 Introd..
Draug v2 Series headphone cable adapters
Draug v2 Series Balanced and Single ended adapters.   ..
Norne Hyper-Short - ALO Rx Mk3-B+ / SR71B / 4-pin Balanced female to 4-pin XLR male
Introducing the ultimate and most uncompromising way to convert your ALO Rx Mk3-B+, International or..
Norne Hyper-Short Adapter (RX-MK3-B+ / SR71B female to Astell & Kern 2.5mm balanced male)
Introducing the ultimate and most uncompromising way to convert your balanced terminated ALO Rx-MK3-..
Norne Hyper-Short Adapter - (Astell & Kern Balanced 2.5mm - to - Eidolic 4-pin XLR male)
Please note:  This now utilizes the new Eidolic gunmetal 2017 model.  Still with the same ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Norne Hyper-Short Adapter - Hifiman to Audeze - Headphone Changers
Tired of struggling to screw on your hifiman cables?  Use your Audeze headphone cables with you..
Norne Hypershort - Convert your Onkyo DP-X1 + Astell & Kern 2.5mm 4-pole TRRS balanced cables -to- Eidolic 1/4" (6.3mm, gold, red carbon)
Introducing the most uncompromising and shortest way to convert your Onkyo DP-X1 or Astell & Ker..
Norne Hypershort Adapter - Astell & Kern 2.5mm 4-pole conversion to Eidolic 3.5mm rhodium TRS
Both models are in stock, note that the gold model will be the new gunmetal barrel with black carbon..
Norne Hypershort Adapter - Convert (Astell & Kern + Onkyo DP-X1) 2.5mm TRRS balanced female -  to -  (Hifiman + LH-Labs) 4-pole 3.5mm TRRS balanced male
Introducing the ultimate way to convert your balanced Astell & Kern + Onkyo DP-X1 cables for Hif..
Norne Hypershort Adapter - Hifiman 3.5mm TRRS female to  Astell & Kern 2.5mm 4-pole male adapter
Introducing the ultimate way to convert your Hifiman and LH-Labs 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole balanced terminat..
Norne Portable rig silicone bands
Perfect for any portable rig or stack.  Medium size will fit most portable stacks with ease. &n..
Skog Adapters
Balanced and Single ended adapters in Skog Series.   Choose your headphone end, device ..
Solv X "Headthrone" Adapters - One Cable to Rule them all - Headphone Cable conversion
Solv X Series Headthrone adapters, available with all flagship sleeve choices.   Convert you..
Solv X Series Adapters
Balanced and Single ended adapters in Solv X Series.   Choose your sleeve color, headphone e..
Solv X2 - Oppo PM-3 - Balanced & Single Ended Headphone Cable (preorder)
*NEW* - now further refined with the Solv X2.  Starts shipping in mid December.  Solv X2 N..
Based on 1 reviews.
Therium Series Silver OCC Litz CIEM / IEM adapters
Balanced and Single ended adapters for the matching Therium Series with pure silver occ litz, cotton..
Vanquish Oppo PM-3 headphone cable - 4x24awg (multicore, 7-core) - Balanced
The Vanquish series headphone cable, now available for the Oppo PM-3 (balanced).  Utilizing our..
Vanquish Series Adapters
Balanced and Single ended adapters in Vanquish Series with Highborne sleeve or in bare form.   ..
Vorpal Series Type 4 OCC Litz (4 / 8 wire) CIEM / IEM replacement cable
Utilizing the equivalent of 4x25awg Litz OCC modified Type 4 (8-wire, 8-cores total..
Based on 1 reviews.
Vorpal Series Type 4 OCC Litz CIEM / IEM adapters
Balanced and Single ended adapters for the matching Vorpal Series (Modified Type 4) ciem/iem cable a..
Zoetic Series - Occ litz cu - 21awg per channel - multiple carbon-polymer core / textile core - pure textile dielectric
New metal (aluminum) splitters are now in stock, including the new Black electroplated with red fill..
Based on 1 reviews.
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